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VMware vFabric - The VMware Cloud Application Platform - provides the 2.5 million Spring Java developers with the best place to build and run applications that meet those demands. Spring and the VMware Cloud Application Platform enable an evolutionary pathway to the cloud whereby organisations can now choose with confidence to deploy their Java applications across virtual servers from both private clouds and public clouds such as VMforce. VMware vFabric combines the Spring Java development framework with a set of integrated application services including a lightweight application server, global data management, cloud-ready messaging, dynamic load balancing and application performance management.

It’s a comprehensive cloud application platform designed to ensure performance and portability across heterogeneous cloud environments.  

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ZeroTurnaround is committed to making Java more productive by building innovative, cutting-edge productivity technologies that lower expenses and overhead for development teams.

Simplifying both the development and production processes with unique technologies, JRebel and LiveRebel integrate directly into the JVMs, application servers and development tools of the world’s leading financial, web application, and technology firms.

Our customers include many global financial services providers, including the Bank of America, as well as American Airlines, Lufthansa, LinkedIn, HP, Siemens, Logica, Kayak, Oracle, IBM, and more.

All attendees of What's Next will get a free JRebel LiquidMetal license, valid for 3 months. Just go here:
kaazing Kaazing delivers a high-performance platform for enabling full-duplex web communication that drives value by better connecting your business and your customers, whether it be connecting traders or spread-bettors with low latency market data via the web, or simply cloud-enabling existing legacy infrastructure without having to change a thing.

How you best connect your company with your customers is what defines your business.

Helping you achieve that defines ours.

Kaazing provides the best possible web communication fabric enabling you to extend your reach to customers and connect business data in a vastly more efficient and cost effective manner, across the web.

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences

We help our customers create, deliver, and optimize compelling content and applications — improving the impact of their communications, enhancing their brands and productivity, and ultimately bringing them greater business success. Together, we're turning ordinary interactions into more valuable digital experiences every day, across media and devices, anywhere, anytime. We offer our customers solutions in three critical endeavors:

Content authoring
Build content and applications with greater reach and stronger impact.

Customer experience management
Offer customer experiences that strengthen brands and improve efficiency.

Online marketing
Deliver and measure marketing effectiveness across a wide spectrum of screens and devices.

Actuate - The People Behind Birt

Actuate founded and co-leads the Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) open source project. BIRT is the premier development environment to present data visualizations in compelling ways via the web on any device.
Actuate products add interactivity, dashboards, analytics, and deployment options for web and mobile applications.
Software Development and Collaboration Tools

Atlassian - Software development and collaboration tools for teams that get stuff done.

Atlassian provides software development and collaboration tools to help teams conceive, plan, build and launch great products. More than 22,000 teams of all sizes and development approaches use Atlassian's bug tracking, collaboration and agile software development tools to work smarter and deliver quality results on time.

Atlassian has no sales people – their products are free to try, pricing is published online, and you can buy directly from their website or through one of their many partners.

Atlassian shares it’s own agile story and provides software for startups and small teams with their perpetual, fully supported, 10-user Starter License for just $10.

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Jaxio provides SpringFuse, a powerful online Java code generator service that allows teams to rapidly develop web-based applications using Java EE and Spring technologies.

SERLI provides IT consulting and engineering, specializing in Java EE platform and frameworks for major players of Insurance, Bank, Services, Industry and Administration.
Our willingness to share our global perspective, knowledge and expertise is reflected in participation in Open Source projects like Glassfish, JBoss, Selenium and prestigious international conferences. We also organize events in the Java community.

Ekino is the IT branch of Fullsix Group. Ekino specializes in design, development and maintenance of digital solutions: web sites, mobile application, backoffice tools and IS interfaces. Our team of 140 consultants and developers has more than 10 years of experience delivering digital platforms for corporate clients, web agencies and startups.

Our in-house expertise covers technology (Java, PHP, .Net, Flash/Flex, HTML/CSS, JS, Objective C, etc.), consulting and project management, as well as operations (high-availability and high-performance hosting).

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